Windows web server


To install a Windows web server, you have several solutions.
Either by installing Apache alone or Wamp.


Windows server web

Requirements for a Windows web server



  • Memory 16 G.O minimum
  • Hard disk 500 G.O minimum

Downloading Apache2

In the prerequisites, you will find the download links;

Installing Apache2

Installing a Windows Web Server with Apache2

Once you have all the downloads, we will explain how to install Apache2.

To start you go to the C:\ drive. You will create three folders.

  • Apache24
  • PHP
  • www

The third folder www can be put in another drive or hard drive like D:\

Then we are going to unzip the file httpd-2.4.54-win64-VS17.zip in the directory C:\Apache24. To do this we use a small and very light and free software 7zip.

Testing the Windows web server with apache2

So we advise you to test after the installation. because there can be errors.

Let’s go. open the folder C:Apache24, and go to the Bin folder.

Windows web server - repository apache 2You should find a file called httpd.exe

Windows web server -file apache2

Now that you have found the folder, click on the file httpd.exe.

You may get two errors. The first is the Windows firewall. Then the second one is a problem with a file that does not find “VCRUNTIME140.dll”.

Windows web server - apache2 error

To avoid this error you have to install “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages” Click here for 64 bits to get the download link. But if you have 32 bits, you can access the official Microsoft website.

Then once the packages are installed, we test again.

Finally we click on the file httpd.exe in the folder c:\Apache24\bin and there we have a Windows security alert that appears.

You need to click on private networks and the Allow access button.

Windows web server - windows alerte security

Now go to your firefox or other web browser, type in the address bar or localhost. you should see It’s works.


To conclude, the installation of Apache2 is finished for the moment we still have to configure Apache2.


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