web server under Linux or Windows

Web server

Web server


You want to install an Apache web server, PHP, MariaDB.
You have the possibility to create a web server Windows.
The free web server is possible if you install them on your own server.
Install a web server Linux. Create web servers.

On this site you will find all the questions you ask

What is an operating system (os)

To begin with we can see the explanations of the operating systems Linux, Microsoft Windows.


web server

What is a web server?

The web server makes it possible to store information for distribution on a public or private site.

Create a web server on your PC ?

To create a web server on your PC, whether Windows or Linux.

The minimum hardware

8 gig of RAM
1 hard disk 500 Gigabyte
Everything will be explained in the Windows or Linux web server section

Create a local web server accessible on the Internet.

Web server

To make your web server publicly accessible you need to know its public IP address. For this you can use monip.org.

Web server under Linux

The web server under Linux will allow you to learn another bone (in progress)

Web server under Windows

The Windows web server can be installed on all machines