Guacamole Prise à distance avec VNC, RDP, SSH et Telnet

Remote connection with guacamole allows you to use SSH, VNC, Telnet et RDP.

First, we will install a debian Strecth. Then, we will retrieve the script that is on the github site:


Then I replace the extension txt by sh. Here is my version : 

Otherwise you can use the WGET command and put the file in the tmp folder.


#root@guacamole: cd /tmp #root@guacamole: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MysticRRyuujin/guac-install/master/guac-install.sh

In order to make it executable, you must execute the following command:


#root@guacamole: chmod +x guac-install.sh

Then you can execute the command as root :


#root@guacamole: ./guac-install.sh

Then it asks to create a root and user password for the database Then he installs the dependencies first Once the installation is complete, you can access guacamole by browsing http: // <host_or_ip>:8080/ guacamole/ Finally, it provides us with the default guacadmin credentials, both as username and password. Modify them or disable guacadmin after installation! In order to use VNC on Windows workstations, we must install the VNC server. To do this, we use TightVNC.


Downloading TightVNC

First, we go to the TightVNC website for the download. To simplify, I provide you with the link :

Windows (64-bit)

Windows (32-bit)


Install TightVNC

Secondly, we will install TightVNC.


L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est image-7.png.


image 1

Then you tick “I accept the terms in the License Agreement


image 3

Then we choose Custom.


image 4

As we want to take remote that computers, in this case we disable TightVNC Viewer. Then click on “Next”.


image 5

Here, we will choose to install the three components.


image 6

Once the installation is complete, you must set a password for remote access for security.


L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est image-9.png.

To finish, click on “Finish”.


image 8

Finally we can see in the taskbar the “V”.


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